Our Mission

The North Florida Simply Natural Hair Beauty & Wellness Expo is an event that embraces the “Grassroots” concept of uniting the community under one roof to celebrate, embrace, and support the natural hair movement. The expo showcases local, national and international businesses to bring awareness to their brands. In additions to national acts we also use local entertainers, which gives them a platform to demonstrate their talent. Our goal is to empower the community by offering them the opportunity to shine. We’re focused and deeply rooted in the community.

This is our third year in Jacksonville and we wants to make it bigger and better. This event brings to Jacksonville Wholistic Health options, natural-chemical free hair care, exciting natural hair styles, a fashion show, and free classes on how to take care and groom your natural hair and how to acquire and maintain a successful business in this economic climate. This event brings numerous major natural hair companies and products to Jacksonville. But that’s not all, this event also showcases small local businesses and individuals which provides an outlet and opportunity to ply their trade and expose their products and services to the patrons that attend this event. The North Florida Natural Simply Natural Hair & Wellness Expo will also showcase entertainment featuring local and up coming performers from other parts of the country. Attendees are coming from all over the country and the Caribbean for this event. This will be a real treat for the city of Jacksonville and the State of Florida.

About the Show Promoters

Simply Natural Organicals (SNO) is a company of hair care products specifically formulated for an underserved market of consumers who desire a more natural based hair care product without the use of harse chemicals. A product that is easily absorbed through your hair folicles and scalp to maximize hair growth and thickness while providing an extraodinary natural looking sheen and a healthy emollient thats sure to produce the feel and look you desire for your hair.

SNO was founded in 1998 by entrepreneurs Richard and Phyllis Allen, Owners of an all natural hair care salon established in 1995. SNO manufactures, retails and wholesales natural shampoos, conditioners, twist gels twist gel butters, natural pomades, oils, gloss oil sprays and leave in conditioners you are sure to enjoy.

Richard & Phyllis Allen are the owners of PhilRich International Natural Hair Studio

PhilRich International has built a reputation as the #1 natural hair studio in the Orlando, Fl area. It is also known as the one stop hair studio. Selling hair products, jewelry, custom clothing, and much more.  PhilRich opened its doors in Jacksonville Fl in 1996, and moved to Orlando Florida in 1998 where the salon has a more diverse clientele.

PhilRich is a natural hair care salon specializing in locks, twist, weaves, advanced hair replacement and make up services. Since our work has been seen in several  hair magazines; we have attracted clientele from as far as Europe, Far East, and the Caribbean.

Owners Richard and Phyllis Allen continue to keep their focus on quality and services. Phyllis Allen is a Florida State Provider for Hair braider, Hair wrapping, and HIV courses.