Tomeka James

Crochet your Way!

This session gives great insight on how crochet can be done so many ways. The way the hair is parted and braided plus the attachment of the hair is important. Tomeka shares tips and tricks that you didn’t know existed. Join her…this will be fun!

The Removable Crochet Unit (DSW)

Tomeka James created a method called DSW. It allows you to measure the clients head then create a unit specially fitted for them. Join Tomeka (The Weave X-Pert) as she shows you all the steps to making these units while the client goes home. Learn the measurement process, knotting techniques and more. This is a serious money maker!


Mz Ladylox

Love Your Locs

Join Master Loctician  “Mz Lady Lox”  for a one hour workshop on styling your dreadlocks using the latest techniques to keep your dreads strong and damage free. Mz Lady Lox is known for her unique and jaw dropping styles,

using no rubberbands, pins, or thread.

Lady Lox  believes that dreadlocks are more than just hair, but an evolution of spirit.

 There will be a discussion about the history of dreadlocks, and their cultural and spiritual influences in today’s society. 

Head Wrapping Workshop

Learn how to wrap your hair with all types of fabric.


Shawntel M Waajid

The Business Of Natural Hair and Braiding – Shawntel M Waajid (Lead Instructor for Taliah Waajid 3-Day Hands-on Seminar and Owner of Nappy Hutt LLC) – How to start and maintain a Natural Hair Care and Braiding business doing what comes naturally to you. Learn how to turn your natural talent into your Livelihood. Licensing and Certification requirements from state to state. Business Branding Basics,Logo, Web Presence & Social Media. Learn about the natural hair and braiding techniques that will set you apart from the rest in the industry and assure client and brand loyalty.
Healthy Protective Styling (undetectable/no-knot technique) Look and Learn – Shawntel M. Waajid  (Lead Instructor for Taliah Waajid 3-Day Hands-on Seminar and owner of Nappy Hutt LLC)  Come learn those techniques in high demand that will eliminate the hair loss and hairline thinning from protective styling that so many clients experience. Hair Damage is a direct result of unhealthy or improper technique. Learn everything you need to know from Master Cosmetologist, Shawntel M. Waajid, and her styling team about how to properly install and maintain protective styles. View the techniques that form the basis of more than 30+ braid, twist, crochet and weave styles that are in popular demand today.