Latoya “Mz Lady Lox

The Queen of Natural’s Latoya “Mz Lady Lox” has earned her title as the master of natural hair, updos and specializes in loc styling

techniques. With over 20 years of hair care experience and educa- tion from the Virginia Hair School of Design; she uniquely gained a sense of purpose to assist women across the globe with the challeng- es of hair care. She is dedicated and committed on using her in u- ence, expertise and resources to provide solutions for healthy hair. She went on to become a licensed naturalist instructor and educat- ing students at the SBC Braiding Academy in Norfolk, VA.

There’s no better time than now to put a spotlight on the fabric

of her existence, creativity, and love for the hair industry and join in the constant conversation and trending topic among Natural Hair. Increasingly, women all over the world are Exploring, Enjoying and Embracing the inevitable when it comes to being natural. As a survivor of domestic violence; Latoya started growing and maintain- ing her own locs over 15 years ago as a testimony of strength and courage not just for herself but for her 15-year-old daughter, who unfortunately suffered at the hands of the same abuser as well. Her in- spiration not only comes from her life experiences but from two revo- lutionary stylist Thando Kafele and Malaika Cooper, who both believe that being natural means more than just hair, but more of evolving into Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Currently, Latoya utilizes her talents as a model, platform artist, and educator to teach proper techniques and proper product use in support of the Jamaican Mango & Lime National campaign. She humbly serves as the leading brand ambassador for one of the industry most popular hair care system “Jamaican Mango & Lime and is very grate- ful for her success. She can be seen on the stage of several hair shows such as Milky Way, Bronner Brothers, and Taliah Waajid to name a few; where you literally can witness her transformation into Mz. Lady Lox, the “Queen of Naturals”; embracing her crown.



Tomeka James

Tomeka J. is an international stylist/ based out of Northern NJ specializing but not limited to hair replacement and styling. A young entrepreneur who is rapidly growing a reputation as an industry favorite for her innovative techniques, instructional skills and wealth of knowledge reguarding the beauty industry. Tomeka is traveling the world instructing thousands of stylists and helping them get to the next level with her intensive/ hold back nothing training. Tomeka is a firm believer that education is the key to success and believes that “ the success of one can be the success of all”. She gives back to the community through several different organizations and events such as feeding the homeless, clothing drives, toys for tots and more. Tomeka dedicates her time to battered women’s shelters, styling hair and promoting self-esteem. She’s a motivational speaker to adults as well as the youth. She wants everyone she meets to know that whatever their struggle may be, they can overcome it and achieve their goals. Tomeka helps young children believe in themselves and opens their eyes to the possibilities of the world. She shares her life experiences with others and explains how she has become the woman she is today.

Tomeka J. is the owner of Tomeka’s Beauty (a hair replacement /styling center in—The President /Founder of the Stylist and Salon Owners Network which is an organization that brings the beauty industry together. She is the creator of the “DSW” the Detachable Sewn Weave, The Mekani weaving technique, Roll-N-Sew and the Wig molding process. Tomeka is the CEO of Extensions Expo show. The Author of “Braiding Patterns for Weaving” book. An Educator at’s DCU and a platform artist for several companies. She can be seen at all the major shows. Tomeka has been featured in Salon Sense Magazine as Professional of the Month. Her techniques have graced the pages of many publications such as Style Q, Hair Gallery and more.

Her behind the scenes styles for celebrities and models for t.v. and photo shoots has made her one of the most sought after stylist in the industry. Tomeka J. shares her creativity with you through her extensive step by step line of Instructional dvds featuring wig making, weaving, cuts and more. A cd collection—9 strategies for instants success, building a high performance team and how to hire an assistant. She also has a salon forms booklet which contains the forms you need for day to day salon functions. The MEKA line consists of weaving tools and beauty supplies. Tomeka and her staff are available for individual and group trainings as well and hosts her own seminars and may be in a town near you soon.


Shawntel M Waajid